Johannes Schubert

film producer

Dear Future Children


Laika & Nemo


La mè du monstre


Der übers Meer kam

2020 | 11min | animated doc. | Director: Jonas Riemer | Credit: Producer

A refugee from East Germany crosses the Baltic Sea in a folding boat. Years later he finds a new home in a growing nationalist movement.


2019 | 80min | fiction | Director: Udita Bhargava | Credit: Associate Producer

A man sets out in search of his lost love: a journey that draws him into the turbulent heart of present-day India and transforms inevitably into a confrontation with the past.

Una Primavera

2018 | 80min | documentary | Director: Valentina Primavera | Credit: Producer
World sales: filmdelights | Distribution: Stadtkino Filmverleih, Fugu Filmverleih

A daughter follows her mother with a camera on a personal journey, leading them both between the contradictions of family.


2018 | 14min | fiction/animation | Director: Jonas Riemer | Credit: Producer
World sales & distribution: interfilm Berlin Management

A car crash thrusts Francis, the dreamy film projectionist, into the world of the ruthless gangster Mascarpone.


2018 | 77min | documentary | Director: Lion Bischof | Credit: Producer
World sales & distribution: mindjazz pictures

For the members of the student fraternity "Corps Germania" it is a living democracy and a school for life - for outsiders, it is a claustrophobic, hierarchical microcosm with strict rules and strange rituals. What are these young men searching for?


2017 | 15min | animation doc./fic. | Director: Julia Grauberger | Credit: Producer

ALJONA lives in the Russian city Saint Petersburg. The 23-year-old does not unveil much about herself; rather she reveals herself through the silence breaks during the interview. "It's something very personal," she whispers.

Von neun bis elf

2017 | 25min | fiction | Director: Jakob Fischer | Credit: Producer

It is supposed to be their last vacation together, but a heavy rain is driving four friends and the rest of their class to the point of loneliness.


2017 | 30min | fiction | Director: Sebastian Lang | Credit: Producer
World sales: Hewes Pictures

Two female Polish farm workers live alongside each other at a Brandenburg dairy, each deliberately ignoring the other until one day Tava doesn't turn up for work.

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